Monday, September 17, 2012

This Week in Pictures: Staff Edition part II plus Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Load In

This week I have a few more pictures of staff along with just a small blurb about them and a quick glimpse into the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Load-In.

 Andrew Korhonen: Operations and Event Coordinator

UT: How long have you been with University Theatre?
Andrew: Two years.

UT: What are you most excited for this year?
Andrew: I am looking forward to Alice in Wonderland.

UT: How did you get your start in Theatre?
Andrew: I was interested in theatre before high school and I volunteered in high school with light crew. 

Jayme Mellema: Scenic Designer/Scenic Painter
I promise he is smiling in the photo I just had a bad angle.

UT: How long have you been with University Theatre?
Jayme: This is the beginning of my fourth year.

UT: What are you most excited for this year?
Jayme: Alice of course.

UT: How did you get your start in Theatre?
Jayme: I studied art in high school and in freshman year of college I was an art major. My sophomore     year I took a design class where I discovered you could bring art to theatre. I knew I wanted to do art, but theatre seemed more monetarily stable. Once I found it, it was okay, this what I am going to do and thats what I did.

Also this week was the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels load in. I wasn't able to be there unfortunately however, one of the cast was very kind and sent me this picture.

Its a small photo because my phone is not amazing, but you can at least see a few of the cast in the scene shop preparing to take some paint to Stewart. The cast and crew are an amazing group of people and the show is going to be wonderful. I recommend if you haven't gotten your ticket yet to get it while you can. The show will run September 26-30 and is going to be hilarious. 

Stay tuned for next weeks post, the final staff edition and other happenings in the theatre as we get closer to opening night of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This Week in Pictures Returns: Staff Edition

Even though Ellie is not specifically with University Theatre we would like to continue with This Week in Pictures. It was a great idea by her and a shame to not keep it going, and to start it off I wanted to let people know a little more about UT staff. I asked just a few short questions and took their pictures. I am sure if there is anything else you wish to know they would be happy to talk to you. So here’s to the first This Week in Pictures post of 2012.

John McIlwee: Director of University Theatre

UT: How long have you been with University Theatre?
John: Since 1987

UT: What are you most excited for this year?
John: I am looking forward to see how we do Alice and excited to direct An Inspector
           Calls, but really looking forward to Alice.

UT: How did you get your start in Theatre?
John: I always like theatre even when there wasn’t any to have. As a little kid I read books about theatre and as soon as I could be in a play I was in one in junior year of high school. I haven’t done anything else except as a designer on 7th Avenue.

UT: What was that first play?
John: Muggsy’s Merry Chrismas. I played Muggsy.

Nancy Breeding: Business, Marketing Manager and Special Projects

UT: How long have you been with University Theatre?
Nancy: 14 years

UT: What are you most excited for this year?
Nancy: Alice in Wonderland, and excited to finally work in the same building as    
              everyone and see all the activity and students.

UT: How did you get your start in Theatre?
Nancy: I answered an ad in the newspaper for marketing assistant just as they created University Theatre. The first show of University Theatre at Stewart was “Bus Stop”.  Before that in  high school I went on stage twice and decided to be backstage after that.

UT: What was Thompson Like before it was renovated?
Nancy: The inside stages and offices faced differently. The area where the box office is was open to the outside. The Titmus faced towards the street and you entered at the back of the house rather than around the side. The studio was in the back where the scene shop and Dave’s office is located.

Ron Foreman: Marketing, Special Projects, and Graphic Design
UT: How long have you been with University Theatre?
Ron: Since 1987

UT: What are you most excited for this year?
Ron: Most of the real work was done over the summer, so all that is left is 
          manipulating it and getting it out to the places it needs to go. And just doing
          what needs to be done.

UT: How did you get your start in Theatre?
Ron: In about 1986 I went to an audition with a friend who asked me to accompany
         him on the piano. I met Dr. Caple and hit it off and was cast in a show as a piano   
         player. After that I wished I had done it earlier and was taught a whole lot
         about myself.  I thought it should be a requirement for everyone to do theatre
         because it had such a great impact on me.  After that I designed a poster for “
         Seven Guitars” and John noticed.

UT: What was that first play?
Ron: “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”. I have now done the show twice here, twenty
            years apart.

Ellie Cooke: Program Assistant ARTS NC STATE

Ellie isn’t directly with University Theatre anymore, but she is still in the area and with ARTS NC STATE and it was a great opportunity to catch up with her and see what she is into now.

UT: How long have you been involved in the Arts?
Ellie: I got a student degree in the arts with a focus in theatre. I graduated in 2006
          after I transferred from ECU. After a couple jobs outside of North Carolina State
          University  in 2007 I started with UT and worked there for four years before
         transferring to ARTS NC State where I have been a year.

UT: What does your job entail?
Ellie: I process gifts and make sure all the thank you letters get sent. I work on
          events which includes organizing, meetings, and the silent auction , which is 
          the largest event of the year. I am also the facilities liaison and coordinate
          what the residence might need, bookkeeping, helping write playbill articles,
          manage the Gregg campaign website, which is new and exciting, and anything in  

 UT: What are you most excited for this year?
Ellie: The big event on October 28th with  the 125th Anniversary of State. Its open to
          everyone. We will have different bands, artists, food and it will let people see
          the new site where the museum will be built.  I am also excited for moving
          forward and seeing the new Gregg Campaign.

UT: How did you get started in the ARTS?
Ellie: I was involved in high school drama and love musical theatre. My dream was
          to be the next Bernadette Peters. In college I learned I loved the administration
          and I am proud to say I have always had a job.

Also this past week was the Entertainment Innovation Conference featuring Cirque du Soleil and Disney among other companies. Here are just a few glimpses of the conference

 The conference was at the North Carolina School of the Arts where Jayme is an alumnus. In the picture you can see his foot on some scenic painting that he painted while there.

Kathleen  Price who is an Artistic Makeup Supervisor for Cirque du Soleil was kind enough to let me take her picture with two costumed mannequins with makeup on. If I recall correctly both these characters are found in the Cirque show "O" in Las Vegas.

 Some concrete busts and faces that were outside of the Design and Production building. I am not sure what they are for, or why they are there, but I thought they were interesting. 

Be sure to check back next week to meet some more of the UT Staff and see what is happening as we get ready for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.
For more information on NC State University theatre check out the
            The New Twitter Site:
For more on the Gregg Museum Campaign check out:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ellie's going back to...Talley

After almost four years with University Theatre, I am excited to announce that I will be moving back to Talley Student Center to work with ARTS Development as the ARTS NC State Development Specialist beginning September 19.

I will be sad to leave the place I spent many hours working and taking classes as a student. I have many fond memories with the UT staff as a student and, more recently, a colleague. I have learned so much in my time here. Without a doubt, I will miss seeing all the current UT students who frequent the building and stop in my office to say "hello." However, I am looking forward to working in a new capacity with ARTS NC State and hope to maintain contact with the students as they become alumni and supporters of the arts.

For now, if you have general questions, contact Nancy Breeding and questions regarding reservations or the calendar should go to Nick Purdy.

Thank you to everyone who has made my experience at University Theatre so memorable: students, patrons and staff!

If you ever need to find me, I'll only be a few steps away!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This week in pictures

Happy Friday everyone! Here is this week in pictures:

(I'm cheating, this one is from last Friday!)
Nat came in to grill me on things that were interesting about me while he was pledging for APO!
I also got to hear his Shylock monologue from The Merchant of Venice - so good!
I've said it before and I'll say it again - our students rock!

Our scene shop is building palatial items for The Philadelphia Story.
Like this 6 foot fire place...

And these giant columns...

Oh yeah, and the President of the United States of America came for a visit next door.
The traffic prep:

Part of the line:

The rest wrapped around to Pullen Road. You'd think he was famous or something.

Ellie's box o' stuff!

Moving to Talley as of Monday to work with the ARTS Development office!

Here's to next week...

Friday, September 2, 2011

This week in pictures

Happy Friday everyone! This week in pictures...

We weathered Irene well, the only damage being a few branches here and there:

We've got calendars on the brain, already planning a year in advance!

The Philadelphia Story is underway! 
Our crews are building, painting and getting costumes ready!

We are really looking forward to this year's productions, getting to know the new students and working with our "regulars" again!

Here's to next week...